Postcard from Amsterdam


Since my trip to Amsterdam, I've been at a loss of how to articulate my own personal takeaways.

I arrived home in Portland, feeling unchanged and unmoved and ultimately confused.

My days in the city felt so familiar that I fell into a certain routine. In the mornings, I would grab coffee and sketch outside. I would explore as many touristy places as possible in the afternoon. Then I would return to my Airbnb in the evening and paint while watching Netflix. I finished more books that week than I have the entire first half of 2019.


Then I realized, Amsterdam revealed what I would be like if I was completely untethered.

What I would do if I had no work, no friends, and no pressure to find work and friends. Without commitments, I was ultimately a coffee-drinking, reading, sketching human.

& it was wonderful to meet that version of myself.

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