Postcard from Atlanta

Here on episode two of “Cities Margaret Unexpectedly Falls For” (here’s episode one in case you missed it), I visit Atlanta.

The first time I was in Atlanta was with a touring children’s chorus ten years ago. I wasn’t that impressed at the time -but if the past year has taught me anything, it’s that visiting places as an adult is vastly different from visiting as a child.

Atlanta was no different.

I was surprised by the amount of actually interesting tourist things to do, the selection of amazing food, and the crazy beautiful sunsets.

Here’s where I went:


To Do:

Visit the Georgia Aquarium

My favorite stop hands-down. And because I love y’all, I’ve included a video of two whale sharks having a run-in.

and the Coca-Cola Museum

The reason I drank more soda in one hour than I have for the entirety of the year. Truly enjoyed the coca-cola tasting room

Lounge in the Centennial Olympic Park

I’m a sucker for parks, and this is a beautiful one.

To Eat

Thumbs Up Diner

The closest brunch place near our AirBnb with great reviews. A little of a wait - but completely worth it.

Voga Italian Gelato

Great for late-night outing.

Highland Bakery

Second brunch place we went to. Get something from the eggs benedict section. I personally didn’t get one, but I envied those who did!

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