Los Cabos


Cabo San Lucas felt like a dream. The warmth was divine and the food was amazing. Although Cabos San Lucas is a tourist town, it was the kindness and generosity of the people who call it home that truly made this city such an amazing experience. 

Things to do:

1. Get yourself diving certified and explore the depths of the pacific ocean

2. Ask the locals where to eat.

After our dive, we asked our guide on restaurant recommendations. She led us to a classic hole-in-the-wall restaurant away from the main road. I still have dreams about those tacos.

3. Swim with whale sharks.

But plan a whole day for it - it took a whopping 7 hours for us to actually enter the water. This was because the Mexican government made new rules to protect the whale sharks. Only a few boats and people were allowed to enter the water at a time.

4. Drink aguas frescas whenever and wherever.

5. Wake up early to watch the sunset


& If there is anything I learned, it's that I feel most myself in denim cutoffs and a white tee shirt.

Preferably on the beach, always in the sun.

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