If you slept on my couch

Set scene: This is your first time visiting Portland. All you know about this city is that there's great coffee and beer and that it rains a lot. 

My mission? Take you to all of the places that Portland is known for (aka a curated list of tourist areas that are actually worth visiting)


Day One

1.  Breakfast at Screen Door

Prepare to wake up early because I intend to be there when it first opens to avoid the line (1 hour wait usually).  Screen Door is arguably the most famous brunch spot in Portland.  Get the chicken & waffles!

2. Explore Downtown

We're going to walk off breakfast and explore the Pearl. Some necessary stops include:

3. Let's Eat

Okay. What are you craving? We're in the middle of downtown so we have a few options...

4. Explore Mississippi

Time to cross the river again. We're going to one of my favorite streets and hitting up these spots:

5.  Dinner at Tasty N' Sons

Next - an early dinner at Tasty N' Sons. It's a bit pricey during normal hours, but I intend to take full advantage of their happy hour menu.

If there's a line, we can explore the next-door boutique  In God We Trust or if you're down for coffee at night (I always am) we'll step into Ristretto Roasters.

6. What there's still time?

If you're still down for one more activity after dinner, then we're going to go soaking at the Kennedy School's Soaking Pool. It's only $5 and we can have a drink at one of the bars afterwards (or maybe a movie if you're feeling ambitious).

Day Two

1. Brunch at Proud Mary Cafe

We're waking up early again, because surprise! Lines are terrible. 

2. Explore Alberta

If you're still hungry, we can cross the street and grab ice cream at Salt & Straw.

And of course, I'll take you to some of my favorite shops:

3. Road Trip Time to Cannon Beach

We're going on a road trip! Probably stop by New Seasons and stock up on some snacks. 

I usually put Mo's on Google Maps and just go there. Primarily because there's always parking and we're going to eat there anyways after we walk to the Haystack Rock and back.

This isn't budging - Mo's has the best clam chowder. 

I'll probably put on my karaoke playlist to sing all the way there and will probably sleep on the way back. 

4.  Let's get drinks

Tired? Me too. But we're sucking it up because it's your last day. We're going to Hale Pele - my favorite tiki bar. It's such an experience and the drinks are amazing. I'm having Lava Flow because if I were to be honest - I've been thinking about it all day.

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