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Margaret to Marathon: Square One

Margaret to Marathon: Square One


Hi, I'm Margaret and I'm going to run a marathon in 2019.

Inspired by the badass women I'm surrounded with, I decided to also work my way in achieving the seemingly impossible. For an awfully sedentary graphic designer as myself - that impossible looks like a marathon. 


Put simply, I heard about a badass gal who did 7 marathons in 7 days. Then I thought: maybe I can do just one.

Right now, I do zero regular exercise. As a graphic designer, my days are mostly tied to a desk and a computer. Don't let my small frame deceive you - I am someone who is out of breath after jogging to the end of the block to buy a cookie.  

So here I am, documenting my literal couch to marathon journey.

For me, even the thought of running a 5k is intimidating. I have memories of doing cross-country in high school and they're filled with feelings of embarrassment and physical pain.  

But if the past few months have taught me anything, it's that I'm strong, stubborn, capable, resilient, with the perfect amount of naivety. 

So yes, I'm running a marathon. To become stronger, to prove my inner-demons wrong, and to hopefully inspire people just as that badass gal inspired me. 


Now equipped with a goal and google search, I knew I had to do a few things before my feet hit pavement.


1. Buy the shoes

Every site I came across after googling 'How to Train for a Marathon' stressed on the importance of good shoes - specifically those designed for long distance.

So, I walked into my local running shoe store (Portlanders, it's Foot Traffic NE) and said I'm looking for a long distance shoe. They had me walk on a treadmill, recorded my feet on video, and brought out shoes that might work best for me.

I tried on about five before deciding on this blue pair. 


2. Clothing and Accessories

Now because this is square 1, I also had to get a few additional yet completely necessary items. I popped by Marshall's and got a little pouch for my phone/keys and workout clothes.

3. Download my Digital Trainer

The Nike Run Club became such a game changer for me. Not only does it track where I ran and my pace - it has a list of guided runs tailored to whatever goal you may have (faster speed, longer distance, etc).

I listened to a guided run directed to first-timers and it was like having a coach by my side - telling me what a great job I'm doing, how I should be feeling, and when to pick up the pace. 

4. Set Routine

I'm not doing any formal marathon training yet. My focus for the next few months is to get my body used to moving.

So right now, I'm running every other day for about 2 miles just so I can get to the point where I actually look forward to running.

Other changes I'm implementing:

  • Setting my alarm for 6:00 AM every morning. Gradually going to work my way up to that 5:00 AM wake up crowd.
  • Analyzing my diet and changing it accordingly. While I'm not restrictive with any food group, I don't eat carbs and meat regularly. Right now, that works for me. But as I put miles in, I'm preparing myself for the trial and error process as I find out how my body reacts to certain food.

Well, there it is – this is square 1. I'm not sure what exactly I signed myself up for, but maybe that's for the better.