Inspiration Sketch Series 001

I’m starting a series of portraits of my favorite people and why they mean the world to me.

Just as a way to get in the habit of creating outside the computer again, but mostly to show appreciation and love to the people who have made an impact on my life.


001 // Sasha

 As one of my first friends in college, it’s inevitable that we share so many memories together. Sasha loves her friends fiercely and is so deliberate with her friendships. 

We bonded over countless road trips between Waco and Houston. She and I got our first tattoos together. Went to our first ACL together. She was one of my first models when I was experimenting with photography. We joined the same business fraternity. We can talk forever about well-executed design and marketing. 

Sasha has encouraged and supported me for the past six years, starting from the first day we met over chicken nuggets. 

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