Playing with After Effects

A week ago, I installed After Effects and I've been teaching myself how to do animations ever since.

It's incredibly addictive. I find myself staying up at night working on a project just for fun. 

I'm not a professional by any means (I still haven't mastered the basics of keyframes). But here are literally the first four animations I've done so far.


A friend of a friend is about to graduate music producing school. His stage name is Tangz (obvs) and I thought this would be a good graduation present.


Cars and Clarkie

There's a bit Clarke and I do during road trips to pass the time. We pretend we're hosting a podcast and talk about the cars that pass by us (he really likes cars).  The podcast's name is 'Cars and Clarkie' and I surprised him with these animations.

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Fall in Portland

It's the first day of Spring and I'm already looking forward to Fall. Especially after stumbling upon these photos from last year.

These are shots from when Katie Harland and I explored the neighborhood, reminisced about Texas, and bonded over Blue Star donuts. 




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Inspiration Sketch Series 001

I’m starting a series of portraits of my favorite people and why they mean the world to me.

Just as a way to get in the habit of creating outside the computer again, but mostly to show appreciation and love to the people who have made an impact on my life.


001 // Sasha

 As one of my first friends in college, it’s inevitable that we share so many memories together. Sasha loves her friends fiercely and is so deliberate with her friendships. 

We bonded over countless road trips between Waco and Houston. She and I got our first tattoos together. Went to our first ACL together. She was one of my first models when I was experimenting with photography. We joined the same business fraternity. We can talk forever about well-executed design and marketing. 

Sasha has encouraged and supported me for the past six years, starting from the first day we met over chicken nuggets. 

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A Timeline of my Hair

What I've learned...

  • Leave it to a professional when dyeing black hair.
  • You don't realize how fast your hair grows until you dye it platinum blonde
  • Maintaining dyed hair requires time, attention, money, and a whole lot of love. Especially if you want it to look healthy.
  • Pixie cuts are liberating.
  • When your hair is dyed, you want it natural. When it's natural, you want it baby pink.
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What do you give someone who essentially has everything they need?

I've asked myself this question months leading up to Clarke's birthday. Potential gifts ran from practical (wireless headphones) to ridiculous (a blow-up dinosaur costume). And after several google search wormholes, I nixed all that and decided to go towards the 'give an experience' route.

I planned a surprise trip to Vancouver, B.C.

Booked the airbnbs, googled restaurants based on food he likes, and made a pretty impressive spreadsheet that I will keep bragging about until I die. Here are the highlights...


Eat & Drink


A brunch place that perfected the eggs benedict. 


Bomb sushi near the waterfront. 

Shameful Tiki Room

Tiki drinks.

Keefer Bar

Classy bar in Gastown

Osterio Savio Volpe

The finale - our last dinner in Vancouver and my personal favorite.


Granville Island public Market

Impressive array of food


Filled with amazing bars and boutiques

Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge

A beautiful bridge located in the beginining of a hiking trail. 







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Los Cabos

Cabo San Lucas felt like a dream. The warmth was divine and the food was amazing. Although Cabos San Lucas is a tourist town, it was the kindness and generosity of the people who call it home that truly made this city such an amazing experience. 

Things to do:

1. Get yourself diving certified and explore the depths of the pacific ocean

2. Ask the locals where to eat.

After our dive, we asked our guide on restaurant recommendations. She led us to a classic hole-in-the-wall restaurant away from the main road. I still have dreams about those tacos.

3. Swim with whale sharks.

But plan a whole day for it - it took a whopping 7 hours for us to actually enter the water. This was because the Mexican government made new rules to protect the whale sharks. Only a few boats and people were allowed to enter the water at a time.

4. Drink aguas frescas whenever and wherever.

5. Wake up early to watch the sunset


& If there is anything I learned, it's that I feel most myself in denim cutoffs and a white tee shirt.

Preferably on the beach, always in the sun.

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Tulle in Love

Fun Fact

I bought this black tutu at the thrift store. And I was thiiiiss close in passing it up because what grown adult wears a tutu in public?

Needless to say, I've worn it every month since I've gotten it and now this is what it looks like when it's on my head.

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If you slept on my couch

Set scene: This is your first time visiting Portland. All you know about this city is that there's great coffee and beer and that it rains a lot. 

My mission? Take you to all of the places that Portland is known for (aka a curated list of tourist areas that are actually worth visiting)


Day One

1.  Breakfast at Screen Door

Prepare to wake up early because I intend to be there when it first opens to avoid the line (1 hour wait usually).  Screen Door is arguably the most famous brunch spot in Portland.  Get the chicken & waffles!

2. Explore Downtown

We're going to walk off breakfast and explore the Pearl. Some necessary stops include:

3. Let's Eat

Okay. What are you craving? We're in the middle of downtown so we have a few options...

4. Explore Mississippi

Time to cross the river again. We're going to one of my favorite streets and hitting up these spots:

5.  Dinner at Tasty N' Sons

Next - an early dinner at Tasty N' Sons. It's a bit pricey during normal hours, but I intend to take full advantage of their happy hour menu.

If there's a line, we can explore the next-door boutique  In God We Trust or if you're down for coffee at night (I always am) we'll step into Ristretto Roasters.

6. What there's still time?

If you're still down for one more activity after dinner, then we're going to go soaking at the Kennedy School's Soaking Pool. It's only $5 and we can have a drink at one of the bars afterwards (or maybe a movie if you're feeling ambitious).

Day Two

1. Brunch at Proud Mary Cafe

We're waking up early again, because surprise! Lines are terrible. 

2. Explore Alberta

If you're still hungry, we can cross the street and grab ice cream at Salt & Straw.

And of course, I'll take you to some of my favorite shops:

3. Road Trip Time to Cannon Beach

We're going on a road trip! Probably stop by New Seasons and stock up on some snacks. 

I usually put Mo's on Google Maps and just go there. Primarily because there's always parking and we're going to eat there anyways after we walk to the Haystack Rock and back.

This isn't budging - Mo's has the best clam chowder. 

I'll probably put on my karaoke playlist to sing all the way there and will probably sleep on the way back. 

4.  Let's get drinks

Tired? Me too. But we're sucking it up because it's your last day. We're going to Hale Pele - my favorite tiki bar. It's such an experience and the drinks are amazing. I'm having Lava Flow because if I were to be honest - I've been thinking about it all day.

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Santiago taught me to become a different kind of tourist. 

Instead of seeing monuments and landmarks, we visited the local markets and churches. We bought groceries and cooked dinner. 

And maybe that's what's so wonderful about this unassuming city. You fall in love with the smallest details - the cobblestone alleyways, the aromatic smoke surrounding a restaurant, the stone buildings. You find yourself in the city's currents - walking the same pace as the people going to work, standing in line behind students at a food stand. 

When it came to it - leaving Santiago felt like leaving home. 

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